Smoke Billow Bicep Cuff

Smoke Billow Bicep Cuff

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A bicep cuff or upper arm cuff inspired by the beauty of smoke—unpredictable, chance and ephemeral. Also a riff on vapor, which is often depicted in Huangshan mountain paintings and Chinese traditional art, and after seeing dry ice in Chinese food presentation.

  • Available in ultra-shiny recycled brass or recycled sterling silver with light oxidation in the crevices
  • Adjustable and can fit sizes 21cm to 26cm in bicep circumference. (Model's bicep measures 24cm)
  • If you would like to request a bigger size, please leave a note at checkout with your bicep measurement in centimeters. Please allow 4 weeks to deliver a custom size
  • Can also be worn as a bracelet
  • Important instructions: Adjust by bending to find your size once. Put the cuff on by slipping over your hand and wrist and moving it up the arm. Do not put on by bending the cuff open and squeezing it closed onto the bicep (this will weaken the metal over time and cause breakage)

Handcrafted in New York with love, the Smoke Billow Bicep Cuff was originally carved in wax, cast in recycled metal and then polished by hand.

Each piece is handmade to order and will take an average 7-14 business days to arrive to you.