Gindara Armor Ring

Gindara Armor Ring

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The Gindara Armor Ring, a collaboration with Nobu Miami, is inspired by its signature dish, Black Cod with Miso. An abstract maximalist ring, it highlights the mesmerizing inner contours of gindara—also known as black cod or sablefish—and spans the finger and knuckle.

  • Available in ultra-shiny recycled brass or recycled sterling silver with oxidation in the crevices
  • Can be worn up (silver ring on model Annie) or down (brass ring on model Annie) to cover either the finger knuckle or knuckle at the base of the finger
  • Open back allows bending the finger with full range

The Gindara Armor Ring is part of the Water Banquet collection—striking and high-art representations of Asian food, including bubble tea, tofu skin, bok choy, soup dumplings and Asian pear, that celebrate the beauty of their forms and textures.

Handcrafted in New York with love, the Gindara Armor Ring was originally hand carved in wax, cast in recycled metal and then polished and oxidized by hand.

Each piece is handmade to order and will take an average 7-14 business days to arrive to you.