About Sublima

Meet the Maker

Hey! I'm Kelly Bit, the founder of Sublima, and I handmake your jewelry. I'd love to share a bit about Sublima and how it came to be. Art imitating life has always enraptured me. As a child, if I wasn’t drawing then I was crafting, and I made jewelry using basic beading techniques, though it wouldn’t become my favorite medium for some time.

I love writing, too, which is why I spent eight years of my career as a journalist. It was exciting and challenging, but I missed the creative arts as a major part of my life. I started spending my free time making, like when I was little — drawings, paintings and jewelry. The intentional lifestyle switch brought me a lot of fulfillment, so much that I wanted to transform my pastimes into something more.

I pursued more technical skills and learned metal smithing and wax carving, which is how I make the pieces in this collection. Jewelry became more meaningful to me than any other art form because through it I discovered my creative conviction. I cherish having an idea that I can't wait to create, and how rewarding it is to transform concepts into beautiful, tangible forms that communicate the intangible: One’s tastes and intentions for self-expression.

Sublima references subliminal messages that produce hidden feelings; I love that interesting, artful objects can move us in mysterious ways. The chance that my jewelry sparks that in anyone makes me supremely happy.

Artful and Sustainable Jewelry

Our wearable pieces of art will last a lifetime. The jewelry is handmade in New York — I carve wax to create the prototypes, essentially making little wax sculptures, then mold and cast them into metal using recycled brass and recycled sterling silver.

The pieces are 100% of the metals used (they're not plated, because plating wears away over time). Then they’re polished and assembled by hand. Each piece comes with a complimentary polishing cloth, which can be used to keep the jewelry shiny.

Read more about our recycled, quality metals and jewelry care. I use these materials and offer free shipping because I believe iconic jewelry should be sustainable and accessible. If the aesthetic draws you in, I still want you feeling good about everything else.

Get in Touch

Have a question or wanna say hi? Contact us at hey@sublimajewelry.com — we'd love to hear from you.